The Factoids


Many people participate in the ongiong discussions at FACTS and come from all walks of life. Also in all shapes, sizes and philosophical positions vis-a-vis the use digital watches versus those with hands. Most of them are nice folks who just want to toss their two cents on the pile of opinions at the board before going to bed, or when the boss is not looking. 

"Facts are simple and facts are straight
Facts are lazy and facts are late
Facts all come with points of view
Facts don't do what I want them to
Facts just twist the truth around
Facts are living turned inside out
Facts are getting the best of them
Facts are nothing on the face of things
Facts don't stain the furniture
Facts go out and slam the door
Facts are written all over your face
Facts continue to change their shape"
(The Talking Heads) 

As Marino often used to say on the board ("I am very repetitive, and also talk too much; I often say a lot of things" - Marino) we're just words on a screen to one another. But sometimes we get kind of curious regarding the people behind these words. At the board, this curiosity has manifested itself many times in the form of "let's talk about ourselves" threads, where we exchange pictures and titbits, and where Robert tells us that we are stupid (just kidding, Robert). I must confess that I enjoy these threads very much. I don't like chat rooms or other such places where you "meet" people that you don't know anything about (even if they are speaking the truth about themselves, which they usually aren't), but I do like to know about the people with whom I debate almost every day. It is nice to have a face to think about when we're reading each other's messages.

So, without further ado, here are the pages where you can know a little more about FACTS regulars. The names are in alphabetical order. I have split the bios in different pages to keep download times DOWN!

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K - Z

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