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As there are many repeated themes and fallacies expressed by newcomers to the FACTS forum it seems appropriate to put together a description of what we are about (and what we’re not about). I hope this can be useful in both short-circuiting those repeated theme debates that we have done to death and in explaining to newcomers just what it is we do. To that end I submit the following which, while it should never be finished, is at this stage a very fragmentary starting point which I will, with your help, hopefully flesh out over the next few months.


Rather than re-inventing the wheel I will include links to external web sites where a topic is adequately covered elsewhere.


Please remember that most of these articles were written as replies to discussion threads and were not written to directly answer the questions I have grouped them under here.


Any comments, criticisms, corrections or proposals for inclusion should be raised as a thread on the FACTS board so that all can discuss it. Include UNFACTS in the title so I won’t miss it.



Table of Contents


Intro to FACTS


Should we explain our position at all?


Who should we explain ourselves to?

Fred Askew

What is a Skeptic / Critical Thinker?

What skeptics do and don't believe

CX on Skepticism

Defining Skeptic - Fred Askew

Define SKEPTIC - Various Authors (from our Jargon file)

Fred Askew's take on this question

Illusions, delusions, belief and Skepticism - Russell

Miracles, Faith, Questions - Russell

Skepticism - Paul Parnell

Skeptics and Believers - Debutante

What good is Skepticism - Ladewig / bernie

How did we come to our current beliefs or lack there of?







What are the methods of Critical Thinking?

[… it does not matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are -- if it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong. - Richard Feynman]

Rather than cover General Logic and Debating in detail when it is well covered elsewhere here are a few links to external sites which cover these topics in some detail

Logical Fallacies from the "The Nizkor Project"

Logic & Fallacies from "The Atheism Web"

A few Quotes from the great Critical Thinkers of the past

The Multiple truth’s fallacy - Russell


What makes a true believer?

What do 'Believers' actually believe?

Peabody's Universal Theory of Belief - Pierre

Roseweed's Special Theory of Belief - Roseweed

Testing Faith - Roseweed and Fred Askew


Critical Thinking and Skepticism in action


Alright all you monkey people - Tricia

Facilitated Communications and Ouija boards

Ideomotor movement - Pierre

God and Christianity

On a Xian's Credo - Shanks

New Age Philosophies

Living Energy Universe - Mark

Many Lives, Many Masters, Many Fallacies - Mark

The Sethian Perspective: A Critique - or - When Mediocre Science Fiction Authors Go Bad - Ned


Fooling experiencers and why Zak doesn't like imaging and instrumentation - Pierre

Psychics - Marc

Sylvia Brown - Marc


Belief IN vs Belief THAT - Shanks


Does Science contradict Experience - Bernie


Any belief worth having must survive doubt.



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