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Welcome to an unofficial page for the FACTS message board! This page is "unofficial" because it was devised and is maintained primarily by a few regular participants on the FACTS messageboard, and the opinions and points of view presented here do not necessarily represent those held by the other participants of FACTS. There is an official FACTS page, and in there you'll learn that FACTS is an acronym for Forum for Active Critical Thinking and Skepticism. Neat, isn't it? So, that makes UNFACTS the appropriate name for this page, I guess.

"Facts are stupid things" (Ronald Reagan)

The motivation for creating this page was the fact that, after a year participating regularly on the discussions of the message board, Marino felt that he had  formed a bond with some people that was stronger than the usual shallow kind of friendships that we make through the internet. By, in a way, "meeting" one another almost every day, we end up participating and interacting, directly or indirectly, in one anothers'  lives, problems, blues and victories alike. No, the purpose of the board is not to discuss personal problems, but by defending our points of views we inevitably end up showing a little (or a lot) about ourselves.

On the Internet we are nothing more than words on a screen to other people's eyes. Words on a screen and the ideas they represent, of course, but still, it is nice to know a little more about the human beings behind those ideas. Here at UNFACTS, there is page where you can meet the FactoidsTM , the regular (or semi-regular) participants that make the FACTS board such an interesting (and sometimes infuriating) place to visit. There is also a glossary, where you can learn the meaning of many obscure terms that are used at the board. If you can think of any words to add let Jimi or Russell know.


"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please" (MarkTwain)

There is also the beginning of an archive of some of the ideas we exchange at FACTS, so that they aren't lost forever when they fall off the end of the message board into internet oblivion. The archive of messages serves this purpose and anyone who posts or regularly visits FACTS is free to nominate a particularly eloquent or informative post to the archive. Also, to acknowledge the people that have influenced us all, there is the UNFACTS Hall of Fame


"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored" (Aldous Huxley)

Last change made on 11,January, 2002
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